"A strong governance culture underlies value creation and sustainable growth"

Bahamdan Group has robust governance structures in place to support and strengthen our investment strategies, protect our assets and ensure our future as an enduring family group​.

We are highly institutionalized in our app​roach, placing a premium on transparency and the strong compliance culture we have created in line with our company values.

In managing our interes​ts, we are hands-on, actively monitoring our investments around the world. Critical to this is maintaining a significant local presence in all key geographies where we invest. This provides us with an important advantage in identifying and assessing attractive opportunities and in effectively managing and monitoring our assets.

The Group has established a number of governance committees to oversee investment decisions and performance, as well as audit, risk and compliance related matters. Defined charters and industry “best practices” are applied across our Investment, Management and Audit committees.


Board Comm​itt​ees: