These investments are structured and managed along sector lines and through the establishment of ​industry-specific platforms that allow us to capture synergies, harne​ss skills and effectively deploy resources across companies and markets..

Our industry platforms are the engine for value creation and the success behind each and every investment we undertake.

Our portfolio is highly diversified, with holdings ac​ross multiple sectors and geographies. While we have established deep expertise in each of the areas in which we invest, we also believe in a partnership-based approach to building and managing our asset base. Where prudent, we invest alongside well-known and trusted technical partners with shared values and engage specialist teams that can help us maximize investment value.​

We are active owners, maintaining control or influence over key decisions during the life of any investment. At the same time, we believe in empowering the managements of our companies and ensuring that our interests are always fully aligned.​​

"Bahamdan is an owner, operator of a diverse portfolio of h​​oldings around the world"​​​​