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Although it is a relatively new a​rea of investment for the Group, we have built a strong healthcare platform since 2010. Our investments in the sector began in the US following the adoption of the National Health Care Act, otherwise known as “ObamaCare”. Currently, the Group, through our international investm​ent arm Safanad, holds among the largest portfolios of senior nursing facilities and home-based health care in the US.

Our healthcare platform was designed to capture gains from massive secular redeployment of capital from high-cost hospitals to lower-cost nursing homes and home-based care. This is a model we have also begun to replicate in the GCC region building on our experience in the US. We are now also owners in some of the leading healthcare providers and hospitals in Saudi Arabia and continue to look for additional opportunities both locally and across regional healthcare markets.

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"In the US alone, healthcare accounts for one-fifth of GDP. With aging populations in the US and worldwide, opportunities in h​​​​​​ealthcare will last for decades.​"​​​