"Core to the values of Bahamdan is a commitme​​nt t​o social responsibility and ethical investing and business practices."​​​​​​​

We conduct​​ our business and activities upon the premise that our growth and long-term su​ccess are inextricably linked to the ongoing development of the communities in which we operate.

We aim to play a positive role in this regard both through the promotion of ethical business practices across our portfol​io companies as well as through our philanthropy and support for initiatives that help to empower, educate and enhance communities and the lives of those within them.

Corporate Responsibility Activities​

The Bahamdan Group actively participates and contributes to ​numerous worthy causes ranging from social groups to sports, welfare and charitable s​ocieties.

The Group’s Chairman, Abdullah Bahamdan, is a member and supporter of the following organizations and initiatives: